Trump Thinks WaPo and NY Times Will Shut Down

Trump Thinks WaPo and NY Times Will Shut Down June 17, 2019

Amid another series of attacks on the New York Times and Washington Post, Trump tweeted that after he serves two terms in the White House, people may adore him so much that they will beg him to stay in office (22nd Amendment be damned). And when he does leave office, those two newspapers will shut down forever because he’s just done such a great job of making America great again.

It seems to me that his delusions of grandeur may be getting even worse, which scarcely seems possible. His own internal polls show him getting pummeled in several key swing states and his approval ratings are terrible, but he’s convinced — or is trying to convince others — that he’s wildly popular, so much so that the people are clamoring to make him emperor. Having a president so out of touch with reality in every conceivable way is very, very dangerous, not just to the United States but to the entire world.

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