Could Trump and Sons Be More Out of Touch?

Could Trump and Sons Be More Out of Touch? June 18, 2019

Isn’t it odd how the biggest bullies also tend to be massive whiners about how unfair everyone is to them? They use that to justify being bullies, of course. But Donald Trump’s persecution complex is almost beyond comprehension, as you can clearly see in something he told George Stephanopoulos during the new ABC News interview. And Don Jr.’s reaction to it as well:

The most mistreated person in the history of the United States! I can think of some people who might disagree just a tad bit. Like the millions of Africans brought here as slaves. And the tens of millions of dead Native Americans who were systematically hunted and destroyed by our government. And LGBT people, who face rampant discrimination and bigotry every day. Or women, who didn’t even have the right to vote until a hundred years ago. Suck it up, snowflake.

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