Shapiro: Not Spewing Racism an Impossible Standard to Meet

Shapiro: Not Spewing Racism an Impossible Standard to Meet June 19, 2019

The vile Ben Shapiro is leaping to the defense of Kyle Kashuv, the Parkland High student whose acceptance at Harvard was just rescinded because he sent off a bunch of racist comments, including one Twitter message with the N word 11 times. He says expecting people not to be appallingly racist like this is just too hard a standard to expect anyone to meet.

Gee, I don’t find the standard that hard to meet at all. I bet you don’t either. You know who wouldn’t find that standard difficult to meet? People who are not brazen racists. And I love this “he was only 16 when he said this” argument. It was less than two years ago, for crying out loud. And the thousands of other students accepted at Harvard somehow managed not to say things like that when they were 16 years old. But yeah, “insane and cruel.” Some might call that projection.

And then alleged skeptic Michael Shermer decided to jump in with his own asinine comments in support of Kashuv:

W.T.F? He doesn’t even think he should apologize for it? As for lack of moral depth and depravity, notice that he says not a word about Kashuv’s comments that caused all of this. Doesn’t screaming the N word in messages with your friends indicate a lack of moral depth? Apparently not, in Shermer’s world. But any consequences for saying things like that? That’s “depraved.” Can we please just exile this buffoon from atheism and skepticism forever?

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