Trump Still Refuses to Admit Central Park 5 Were Innocent

Trump Still Refuses to Admit Central Park 5 Were Innocent June 20, 2019

In 1989, a woman was jogging in Central Park was raped and murdered and police arrested five young black and Latino boys for the crime. They ended up pleading guilty and Trump took out a full page newspaper ad calling for the death penalty to be restored. After many years in prison, however, a serial rapist already in prison admitted to the crime and DNA testing proved that the boys were all innocent. Trump is still refusing to admit that he was wrong.

During a brief Q&A with the press on Tuesday, President Donald Trump once again appeared to suggest that he still believes the Central Park Five are guilty.

“You have people on both sides of that,” he told reporters. “They admitted their guilt.”

Classic Trump (and classic conservative argument in general). If there is one person anywhere who agrees with them, then both sides are equally plausible and there’s no way to know the truth. Same thing they do with creationism, global warming and many other things. Trump’s version usually starts with “many people say.” No need to look at or evaluate the evidence. If there are two sides to the issue, both sides have an equal claim to being true no matter what the evidence says.

Also the focus on their guilty pleas, as if innocent people never plead guilty. These were teenagers being interrogated by police officers who are allowed to lie to them and to intimidate them. And here, the court found that the confessions were coerced. Those young men lost years of their lives, some more than a decade, because cops coerced them into confessing. If they hadn’t tested the DNA evidence much later, they would all still be in prison. Trump simply doesn’t care, nor do most conservatives. Which is appalling.

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