After Being Sanctioned, Jones Lashes Out at Sandy Hook Attorney Again

After Being Sanctioned, Jones Lashes Out at Sandy Hook Attorney Again June 21, 2019

Alex Jones is a lot like Donald Trump. He has no filter between his brain and his mouth and constantly flies off in fits of rage. After being sanctioned by the judge in the lawsuit against him by a group of Sandy Hook parents, he went back on his show and went on an anti-Semitic rant against their attorney. It was pretty ugly,

“And then now magically they want metadata out of hundreds of thousands of emails they got, and they know just where to go. What a nice group of Democrats. How surprising. What nice people. Chris Mattei. Chris Mattei. Let’s zoom in on Chris Mattei. Oh, nice little—[pounds picture of Attorney Mattei’s face with fist]—Chris Mattei. What a good American. What a good boy. You think you’ll put on me, what—[under his breath] I’m gonna kill . . . [growls]. Anyway, I’m done! Total war! You want it, you got it! I’m not into kids like your Democratic party, you cocksuckers! So get ready!”…

Anyways, he went on to refer to Chris Mattei as “a white Jewboy that thinks he owns America” and “a little, white Jewboy jerkoff son of a bitch.”

A different lawyer, Zachary Reyland, defended Jones yesterday in front of Bridgeport Superior Court Judge Barbara Bellis, who was not amused, calling the broadcast “indefensible, unconscionable, despicable, and possibly criminal behavior.”

Way to endear yourself to the judge, Alex. She’s already angry at you for your previous actions, so why not just make it worse on yourself? Exactly how dumb are you?

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