Hayes: Trump Will Have Obama and Kerry Executed

Hayes: Trump Will Have Obama and Kerry Executed June 25, 2019

Dave Hayes, the “praying medic” and self-declared “prophet,” says that Barack Obama and John Kerry are working through the “deep state” to undermine Trump on his dealing with Iran because they want Iran to get nuclear weapons and establish a one-world government. He also says this will lead Trump to have them arrested, tried by a military tribunal and executed, along with many others.

“They want Iran to continue building nuclear weapons and eventually be able to start World War III so they can get rid of Russia, they can get rid of the United States, and they can get rid of all international borders and have their big happy world global government,” Hayes said. “That’s the long term plan of people like Kerry and Obama. They’re trying to get this done before they go to prison.”

“Most of them are going to military tribunals and a lot of them are going to be facing the death penalty,” he added. “I honestly believe, I think we are going to see public executions. I think there is no other way to send a signal to corrupt people that you should never, ever try this again. I think the only way to do that is the military is going to oversee public executions of some people.”

And what happens when none of this comes true (and it won’t, of course)? Do these people recognize they were wrong and stop believing in such nonsensical conspiracy theories? Of course not. They come up with some rationalization to explain away the failure of this “prophecy” and move on to the next crackpot theory.

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