Elizabeth Warren’s Excellent Plan to Boost Voting Rights

Elizabeth Warren’s Excellent Plan to Boost Voting Rights June 26, 2019

Elizabeth Warren has released a plan that would boost both the security of our election systems and expand and protect voting rights. It’s a really good plan that would make voting in our national elections uniform across the country and make it far easier to register to vote and actually cast that vote in a number of ways.

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As part of her proposal, intended to expand voting access and strengthen election security, Ms. Warren would create a new federal agency, the Secure Democracy Administration. She would replace every voting machine across the country with modern equipment and would require the use of a uniform federal ballot. She would also impose uniform standards on election rules, requiring all states to have automatic voter registration and same-day registration, early voting and voting by mail…

Under her plan, Ms. Warren would make Election Day a holiday, and she would restore voting rights for formerly incarcerated people nationwide (though she would not allow voting for those in prison, as Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont has called for).

Ms. Warren would also seek to end partisan gerrymandering by requiring states to use independent commissions to draw congressional district lines, and she would restrict states from removing voters from election rolls. And in instances “where racist or corrupt politicians refuse to follow the law,” Ms. Warren said, the federal government would step in and temporarily oversee federal elections.

Her plan seeks to nudge states to make it easier to vote in state and local elections as well. Under her proposal, the federal government would pay all of a state’s costs for election administration if it followed the federal standards for state and local elections and worked to improve voting access. States would receive bonus payments for achieving high voter turnout.

I support every single one of those reforms. Republicans will blow a gasket over it because they know that the more people who vote, the less they are able to win elections, and because they have used partisan gerrymandering to get and maintain control of most state legislatures. But regardless of which party it benefits, it’s absolutely the right thing to do. Unfortunately, it has no chance of passing unless Democrats take control of the Senate and keep control of the House in 2020.

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