Kerr: Paula White’s Prayer Unleashed Warrior Angels in Trump Campaign Kickoff

Kerr: Paula White’s Prayer Unleashed Warrior Angels in Trump Campaign Kickoff June 26, 2019

Ridiculous fraud Kat Kerr says that equally ridiculous fraud and prosperity gospel preacher Paula White unleashed legions of warrior angels during the kickoff of Trump’s 2020 campaign in Orlando last week. Those angels then promptly attacked the “demonic” protesters outside the event, causing them to scream out in agony.

“That prayer that Paula declared, that was a warrior’s prayer,” Kerr said on her most recent podcast. “A standing in the gap for our president, for our nation, and loosing everything against Hell she could send, the warring angels that came from that place because of her prayer.”

“The hosts began to pour out, some from Heaven, some literally from inside the Amway Center to do destruction of the enemy, even bombarding the ones who were there picketing and protesting,” she added. “The protesters were being bombarded by the hosts of heaven because the demonic was literally driving them; I could see it infecting them and inflaming them to scream out against what was [going on at the rally]. It didn’t matter because the hosts of Heaven were pulling down strongholds over these people because of the prayer that Paula prayed.”

Funny, none of the protesters noticed this happening at all. Curious. But here’s my real question: Were these “warrior angels” the same as the billions of “special ops angels” that Kerr claims to command? Or are they just like buck private warrior angels without SEAL training and such? Name, rank and serial number please.

"My best guess: Hagbard Celine. Or some similar Erisian Avatar."

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