Wingnut: We Won the Iraq War with Mind Control Through Radio Waves

Wingnut: We Won the Iraq War with Mind Control Through Radio Waves June 27, 2019

End times crackpot Paul McGuire, author of a book titled Trumpocalypse: The End-Times President, a Battle Against the Globalist Elite, and the Countdown to Armageddon, believes that 5G technology allows the government to control people’s minds. He also says we won the Iraq war by using mind control through AM radio waves.

“The American military, using mind-control technology, attached an invisible rider on the AM frequency … that all these extremist Muslims would be listening to,” McGuire said. “And they knew that American soldiers wouldn’t be listening to this station because Americans don’t speak the language and they wouldn’t be into the music, so they were able to target the population.”

He continued, “The rider frequency that they attached on the AM signal frequency contained what is called ‘voice to God’ technology where all the people listening to this music station, Iraqi music station, actually heard in their heads, they couldn’t hear it audibly, but they heard the voice of God commanding them to surrender to the Americans and commanding them to lay down their weapons.”

McGuire warned his listeners that the same thing “could be done not just with an AM signal but with a cellphone signal.”

Precisely how delusional would you have to be to make or believe such drivel? There simply is no limit to how deranged these people can get. This is some serious WTFery.

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