Trump Puts Corporate Profits Ahead of Public Health, Environment

Trump Puts Corporate Profits Ahead of Public Health, Environment July 1, 2019

The other countries of the G20 are trying to come to an agreement to reduce greenhouse gas emissions to reduce global warming, but Trump is predictably refusing to go along with it. Also predictably, he’s doesn’t understand the issue at all and continues to tell the same lies to justify his inaction.

Trump told reporters during a press conference Saturday morning that he is not ignoring the threat of the climate crisis, but he doesn’t want to take action to confront the emergency because such a move would threaten corporate profits.

“So we have the best numbers that we’ve ever had recently,” Trump said. “I’m not looking to put our companies out of business.”

“I’m not looking to create a standard that is so high that we’re going to lose 20-25 percent of our production. I’m not willing to do that,” Trump continued. “We have the cleanest water we’ve ever had, we have the cleanest air—you saw the reports come out recently. We have the cleanest air we’ve ever had. But I’m not willing to sacrifice the tremendous power of what we’ve built up over a long period of time, and what I’ve enhanced and revived.”

As the Associated Press reported after Trump claimed earlier this month that the U.S. is “setting records environmentally” with its air and water quality, “U.S. does not have the cleanest air, and it hasn’t gotten better under the Trump administration.”

“The U.S. ranks poorly on smog pollution,which kills 24,000 Americans per year,” according to AP. “On a scale from the cleanest to the dirtiest, the U.S. is at 123 out of 195 countries measured.”

You know what else reduces corporate profits? Child labor laws. Worker safety regulations. All of our existing environmental regulations. Paid family leave. Weekends. Slavery, for crying out loud. All of these require that businesses spend money, which reduces profits. And all of them were opposed for this very same reason. So let’s just repeal them all. Let’s go back to the days of child labor and force them too work 100 hours a week in a coal mine with no safety equipment or health equipment to protect their lungs. Let’s bring back asbestos. Let’s let the Coyahoga river catch on fire again. This is where Trump’s reasoning leads.

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