Carlson: Democrats Are Going to Ban English

Carlson: Democrats Are Going to Ban English July 2, 2019

The reaction from the loony right to the Democratic candidates has prompted a predictable reaction. Socialist! Communist! They’re gonna take all your money and give it to Muslim terrorists! But Tucker Carlson came up with one I’ve never heard: They’re gonna ban the speaking of English!

TUCKER CARLSON (HOST): “Criminalize desperation” — and you thought this was your country, just because, like your ancestors, you were born here, just because you pay half your income to the government to keep the whole thing going, you thought it was your country. Think again, racist. America belongs to the rest of the world. Your job is to shut up and pay for it. Complain, and we will punish you…

In case anyone missed it, the two whitest candidates on stage decided to repeat the point in stilted Spanish…

Got that, gringo? You can add the English language to the long and growing list of things the Democratic Party considers racist. How long before you are banned from speaking it? Think we’re joking? Right. Better to learn Español if you want to talk to your grandkids. It’s a brand new world.

And all this because two of the candidates spoke Spanish in a couple of their answers in a lame attempt to pander to Latino voters, who make up a significant Democratic constituency 99% of the debate was done in English, yet they think English is racist and want to ban the language they speak themselves. It’s impossible to describe just how stupid that claim is.

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