White Woman Refuses to Sit Next to Black Woman on Plane. Airline Allows It.

White Woman Refuses to Sit Next to Black Woman on Plane. Airline Allows It. July 3, 2019

A black woman on a Spirit Airlines flight was forced out of her seat after a white woman refused to sit next to her. And the airline allowed this to happen. They should have thrown the white woman off the plane, let the black woman sit in her assigned seat and gone about their business.

In a Facebook post, Tiarra Tiarra wrote that the woman — who she said appeared to be Russian — denied her attempt to take her seat.

“So my flight was delayed from Detroit for 12 hours . Luckily I catch a flight from Vegas to Chicago . I board the Chicago flight and the open seat they gave me was next to a Russian woman, who refused to let me sit by her,” she wrote. “Like refuses it to the point that she is arguing with the flight attendant about how she is not going to let me sit by her. Luckily there were other (white) people on the plane who chose to switch seats with me so I wouldn’t have to sit by her which she happily allowed.”

“I have never experienced this before. I’m so upset that I couldn’t lay hands on this lady. So appreciative of the other passengers who just rallied around me , held my hand and really prayed with me. This 4 hour flight is about to feel like a lifetime. I’m am so embarrassed and heartbroken,” she added.

Absolutely appalling. The captain should have told her that she can either shut up and let the woman take her seat or give up your seat and get the hell off the plane. I would have switched seats with the woman and then spent the entire four hour flight berating her for being a racist POS.

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