Kilmeade: Overcrowded Detention Centers Just Like a Big Party

Kilmeade: Overcrowded Detention Centers Just Like a Big Party July 4, 2019

Brian Kilmeade, the second dumbest man on television, has, like most Fox News hosts, been straining mightily to downplay the horrible conditions that immigrant detainees, including thousands of children, are being kept in. His latest attempt is to compare it to a crowded party without enough bathrooms.

BRIAN KILMEADE (CO-HOST): Here’s the thing. Picture yourself, you have a house, family of five. You have a party, you have 30 people over. Maybe you have a big party and you have 100 people over and you have two and a half baths. In the beginning, it would be OK with 30. Then after 100 people, it would be a little bit taxed, maybe you got to get an outdoor facility. Can you picture 5,000? You can have the best facilities in the world but they are so overstocked. Six hundred and seventy thousand have come here illegally already. They had 89,000 last month. The month before, 130,000 coming illegally. They have facilities that hold hundreds, not tens of thousands. And now you are going to walk down there with the facilities that they gave, that they’re not pulling out of their pocket, they’re uniforms you gave them, and say the facilities are not right. They have been pleading for help. Kevin McAleenan, his predecessor, have been begging for help for months. It took a July 1st, last-minute Hail Mary just to get a meager amount of humanitarian aid. Put the border wall aside. So if you don’t watch Fox, that’s fine. Did you watch 60 Minutes? They did this whole feature already, how bad it was, how the Border Patrol has got to change diapers and provide material, how the National Guard has got to take over for the Border Patrol behind the desk so the press agents can go back there and pick up illegals and bring them to facilities that are overcrowded. They can’t build tents fast enough. It wasn’t their idea to have a wide open border. It was bad asylum rules that allowed this to happen. And then you throw it all on Border Patrol and you wonder why facilities aren’t adequate.

Oh yes, it’s just like that. Because those who come to a party are locked in chain link cages and held indefinitely, then denied basic things like soap and toothpaste and fed nothing but bologna sandwiches. All of this in clear violation of the law in at least two different ways: Those who are seeking asylum can’t be locked up and children cannot be detained more than three days. And none of this happened until Trump instituted the zero tolerance policy, which meant locking up absolutely everyone who crosses the border, even if they invoke their legal right to ask for asylum. Those people are following the law, doing exactly what is required; it’s the Trump administration that is ignoring the rule of law, not immigrants seeking asylum.

The solution to this is so obvious. Stop arresting everyone who crosses the border and expand the Family Case Management Program, which had a near-perfect record of ensuring that they showed up for their court and/or administrative hearings. Also, expand the number of immigration judges, which is an administrative position, not an Article III court that requires Senate confirmation. Doing those things would end the overcrowding problem. The only ones lock up then would be those who have legitimate suspicions or evidence of criminal activity. Problem solved.

And now Trump wants to make things even worse with mass roundups of those who have been here illegally for a long time but have otherwise done nothing wrong. That will add thousands more detainees and exacerbate the problem. And for Trump, this is all a feature, not a bug. He’s said plainly that he sees the horrible treatment of immigrants as the key to stopping them from coming here. All evidence suggests this simply isn’t true. But do not forget that he is doing this intentionally, it’s not a bad side effect of some greater effort that otherwise works. It isn’t the unforeseen consequence of his policies, it IS his policy.

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