Barton: Second Amendment Allows People to Own Tanks and Fighter Jets

Barton: Second Amendment Allows People to Own Tanks and Fighter Jets July 5, 2019

Professional liar and fake historian David Barton has an extremely reactionary view of the limits of the Second Amendment. In short: There are no limits. The amendment allows people to own any weapon the government has, including tanks, missiles and fighter jets.

“The deal was you have a right to defend yourself,” Barton said. “So, the biggest weapon in that day would have been a cannon—hand’s down, a cannon. You’re allowed, as a citizen, to own cannons.”

“Whatever the government had, you could have,” he added, “because we might have to take on the government some day. We hope that never happens, but in case it does, we defend ourselves from anything that comes after us; whether it’s from foreign or domestic, whether it’s a gang, whether it’s a government, whether it’s a crazy uncle, we don’t care. So, for them, there was no limitation on what you could use or how you could defend yourself.”

This is absolute madness. You want rich people with private armies they can use for all sorts of dangerous purposes? Because that’s how that will happen. Imagine warring billionaires with cruise missiles, Abrams tanks and F-18s. The defense companies that make those weapons would be more than happy to sell these ordinance to them. It wold also put national security at risk because if those weapons are in private hands, the technology could easily be leaked to Russia, China or other adversaries.

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