Trump Goes Dunning-Kruger Again

Trump Goes Dunning-Kruger Again July 6, 2019

At this point, he might as well change his name to Dunning Kruger. We’ve never seen anyone this ignorant in national public office, but he’s not only unaware of his ignorance, he’s totally convinced that he’s the only one who knows anything about every subject. Because he has the best words and his uncle taught at MIT. Or something. From his 4th of July Nuremberg rally:

Where do you even start? He appears not to know the difference between the Revolutionary war and the War of 1812. And of course, there were neither airplanes nor airports at the time. In fact, earlier in the speech he discussed the Wright Brothers inventing the plane in the early 20th century. He blamed it all on the teleprompter going out, but that’s a transparently absurd excuse. As a friend of mine said on Facebook, “The Teleprompter went out on me once. Next thing I knew I was talking about Hannibal crossing the Alps with his brand new Sherman tanks.” If he had even the more rudimentary knowledge of history, he would know that what he was saying was idiotic. But he doesn’t have that. He was just reading something someone else wrote without understanding it. Seriously, your average 8 year old knows that there were no airports or airplanes in the 1700s, for crying out loud.

Not that his cheering crowd cared, of course. They like him because he hates the same people they do, not because they expect trifling little things like intelligence and knowledge from him. Besides, most of them were too ignorant to recognize the inanity of his statement themselves.

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