Signs Advertising Atheism Seminar Vandalized in Ft. Worth

Signs Advertising Atheism Seminar Vandalized in Ft. Worth July 9, 2019

The Metroplex Atheists are hosting a seminar about the official motto of the United States, “In God We Trust,” on July 14th. They bought signs to advertise the event and purchased space to put up the banners from the city, which promptly got nearly 100 complaints from offended residents. Then they went a step further and vandalized the signs by cutting them up.

The city explained on its website that the banners are perfectly legal, the group had purchased the ad space at downtown locations and they cannot engage in viewpoint discrimination by refusing to allow the group to put up the banners, but that didn’t satisfy some people who don’t think atheists have the same rights that they do. So they took matters into their own hands and cut up the banners:

At least four banners hung downtown earlier this week that advertise an upcoming seminar to be held by an atheist nonprofit group have been damaged with cuts, the organization said.

Sixty-six banners were suspended from lamp posts, and others were produced in case they were needed as replacements because of vandalism, said Terry McDonald, director-treasurer for the group, Metroplex Atheists.

The number of damaged banners was accurate as of Wednesday night, McDonald said. He said he did not know whether others had been damaged since the Wednesday report.

“In No God We Trust” is printed on the yellow banners. The bottom of the banner says “education seminar” and lists the website for Metroplex Atheists.

The fact that they bought extra banners because they knew someone would vandalize at least some of them tells you how predictable some Christians are. This happens virtually every time atheist groups do any kind of public statement, like ads on buses or billboards. Some Christians simply don’t believe that atheists have the same rights they do because they listen to people like Bryan Fischer who say only Christianity was covered by the First Amendment. They are deeply authoritarian and want to make America a place for Christians only.

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