Another Crackpot Calls an Army of Angels Down to Protect Trump

Another Crackpot Calls an Army of Angels Down to Protect Trump July 10, 2019

This seems to be the new trend, self-declared “prophets” calling on legions of angels to come down and protect Trump and make sure he’s reelected in 2020. Not sure how they can assure his reelection. Changing people’s minds for them? Can angels do that? And wouldn’t it destroy the idea that God gives us free will if they did? Here’s Hank Kunneman:

“May there be a divine protection, angelic assistance, angelic reinforcements for President Trump,” Kunneman preached. “Angelic reinforcements, angelic reinforcements, we call for the command for the army of the hosts of Heaven, we speak to the commander of the army of hosts, more angelic reinforcements for President Trump. Lord, more angelic reinforcements. We call upon the God of Heaven, angelic reinforcements over the agenda that you have placed in the heart of his president, over this administration. More angelic reinforcements!”

“We speak a divine protection,” he added. “Not one hair on your head, President Trump, will be harmed in any way … We break the powers of darkness. Every satanic altar of evil where your name is mentioned, President Trump, we speak and command the fire of God to bring it to ashes.”

“President Trump, Vice President Pence, you shall walk in the divine counsel of the Lord God of Hosts,” Kunneman declared. “You shall walk in the divine plan to make this nation great again, to keep this nation great again. This shall continue in 2020, 2024, and look to 2028 … It’s not just about four years, God is extending the number of the Kingdom for 12 years.”

So apparently having Trump in office creates the Kingdom of God here on earth. Somehow I missed that part of the Bible. I thought it was up to Jesus to do that. It’s amazing to me how so many Christians have quite literally put Trump in Jesus’ place, particularly Pentecostals and other charismatics. They might as well call their religion Trumpianity at this point. They simply worship the man. And doesn’t he seem like the last kind of person they would worship? He’s been married three times, cheated on all of his wives continually, really isn’t the least bit religious, and his clumsy attempts to pretend to be a devout Christian have been embarrassingly fake. And yet he has become the object of their worship. Psychologists and sociologists may spend decades researching and theorizing why that has happened. It’s a fascicnating but disturbing phenomenon.

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