Trump Gives Orwellian Speech on Environment

Trump Gives Orwellian Speech on Environment July 11, 2019

Donald Trump has been by far the worst president in my lifetime when it comes to protecting the environment. He has relentlessly tried to reverse every Obama-era regulation, even those preferred by the industries they affect, and allow more dumping of pollution into our air and water. And he refuses to do anything about global warming, which he thinks is a Chinese hoax. So when he gives a speech touting his work for a clean environment, as he just did, it can only provoke laughter.

Flanked by several cabinet members and senior environmental officials — one a former lobbyist for the coal industry and the other a former oil lobbyist — Mr. Trump rattled off a grab bag of his administration’s accomplishments, which he said included “being good stewards of our public land,” reducing carbon emissions and promoting the “cleanest air” and “crystal clean” water.

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“These are incredible goals that everyone in this country should be able to rally behind,” Mr. Trump said. “I really think that’s something that is bipartisan,” he said, adding that he had disproved critics who said his pro-business policies would harm the environment.

Experts watching the speech said many of the president’s claims were not based in fact. Those achievements that were real, they said, were the result of actions taken by his predecessors. And they noted the one conspicuous omission from the whole discussion: any mention of climate change, the overarching environmental threat that Mr. Trump has mocked in the past.

David G. Victor, the director of the Laboratory on International Law and Regulation at the University of California, San Diego, said the speech was the starkest example to date of the disconnect between Mr. Trump’s rhetoric and reality. “This speech is a true ‘1984’ moment,” he said.

Yep. Downright Orwellian — up is down, black is white, nothing matters but what Dear Leader says, regardless of the facts or reality. The New York Times did a fact check of the speech and found that virtually every claim he made was either false or the result of policies adopted by his predecessors, most of which he is systematically weakening and even eliminating. His withdrawal from the Paris climate change accords alone makes him the worst environmental president of my lifetime, but that’s barely even the tip of this anti-environment iceberg.

Next he’ll be given a speech touting his record on marriage and adultery, for crying out loud. And the really tragic thing is that his followers will swallow every word of this and believe it as if it were gospel truth — and that’s the right term for it because many of them truly believe that he was put there by there God and therefore is infallible and his statements and actions are the words and actions of the Lord himself.

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