Barton, Joyner Predict a Second American Revolution — Over Abortion

Barton, Joyner Predict a Second American Revolution — Over Abortion July 15, 2019

Fake historian and professional liar David Barton joined forces with his publisher, Brad Cummings, on the Jim Bakker Show, where Cummings talked about a dream right wing conspiracy crackpot Rick Joyner had foreseeing a second American revolution. Barton actually made some sense talking about the Founding Fathers not addressing racial tensions in the new country…then the other shoe dropped. Actual historian John Leo has the details:

Barton mentions that the meeting with Beck, Joyner, and Wallnau focused on “where the nation is going spiritually.” I think it fair to read this as a culture-war strategy session. Barton’s co-author Cummings was also at the meeting and he describes a vision Joyner had about the American Revolutionary War and the Civil War. God told Joyner that these events did not accomplish what they should have accomplished, especially as it relates to race relations. That sounds about right. But as Joyner’s dream came to end, he got a vision of a “Second American Revolution and Civil War” that will be “inevitable, just, and successful.”

Barton then affirms Joyner’s vision, and in doing so he says some accurate things about the failure of the founders to deliver on matters of racial equality. This is a huge step for Barton. It led me to wonder where he was going this. Where was the culture-war hook?

And then it happened. At about the 4:50 mark Barton adds an additional layer to his interpretation of Joyner’s dream. Rather than continuing with his mini-lecture on America’s failure in matters of race, he suggests that Joyner’s vision about a “Second American Revolution and Civil War” was actually about Roe v. Wade. Barton says that we should expect a Civil War “over the abortion issue.” If Roe v. Wade is overturned, California and other pro-choice states will secede from the Union and it will end in violence.

On the screen during the Bakker show, they identified him as “Dr.” David Barton. He does not, of course, have a doctorate in anything, certainly not in history. His highest degree is a Bachelor’s in Christian Education from — where else? — Oral Roberts University. And he has repeatedly lied and said that he was a member of the ORU basketball team while he was there. But hey, this is the Jim Bakker show. Being a pathological liar is a prerequisite for appearing on the show.

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