Cop Fired for Killing Unarmed Man Allowed to Rejoin Force to Secure His Pension

Cop Fired for Killing Unarmed Man Allowed to Rejoin Force to Secure His Pension July 15, 2019

In an absolutely outrageous but totally unsurprising story, a cop fired for shooting and killing an unarmed man, all captured on his body camera, was allowed to rejoin the force just so he could get his lifetime pension of $30,000 a year. Despite clear video of him killing the man, who did nothing to provoke it, he was acquitted on manslaughter charges.

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An Arizona police officer who was fired and charged with murder for killing an unarmed man in a hotel hallway was rehired temporarily so he could collect a pension.

Philip Brailsford, who killed Daniel Shaver at a La Quinta hotel in Mesa in 2016, came to the agreement last year with the Mesa city manager’s office to be allowed to be rehired so he could apply for disability pension on the basis of a medical retirement, a striking reversal of his firing by the department after the shooting.

He will receive a lifetime pension of about $30,000 per year.

The agreement was first reported by local news outlets in Arizona, which obtained the settlement agreement that the city reached with Brailsford last August.

Every element to this story is appalling but all too routine in our law enforcement agencies. Brailsford shot and killed the man, who was presenting no threat to him, and it’s all right there on video, yet they still couldn’t get a conviction on it. Convicting police officers is nearly impossible in this country because juries give them every benefit of the doubt and if they claim that they were in fear for their lives, no matter how absurd that claim is, juries will believe them and acquit. But he was fired, but allowed to rejoin the force just so he could apply for accidental disability-medical retirement, which was then granted so he will now receive a lifetime pension. If this surprises you in the least, I suggest paying more attention to what has long been the reality of our criminal “justice” program.

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