Trump Aims a Vile, Racist Tweet at Brown-skinned Democratic Women

Trump Aims a Vile, Racist Tweet at Brown-skinned Democratic Women July 15, 2019

We’ve almost grown accustomed to Donald Trump’s racism, but he usually used code phrases and euphemisms. Rarely does he vomit out an overtly racist statement like the one he made in a series of tweets this morning, in which he told four dark-skinned progressive Democratic Congresswomen to go back to where they came from. Three of them were born here.

Wow. He drags out the old “go back to where you came from” racist trope. The four he is quite clearly talking about, the ones recently feuding with Nancy Pelosi, are Ilhan Omar, Rashida Tlaib, Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez and Ayanna Pressley. Three of the four were born in the United States. Ocasio-Cortez’ family is from Puerto Rico, which means they are American citizens, and she was born in New York City, literally within a few miles of Donald Trump. llhan Omar was born in the Sudan, but she has been an American citizen since the age of 8. She is a living, breathing exemplar of the American dream.

As Aaron Blake writes, Trump is “rekindling a nasty historical talking point about immigrants,” and ” otherizing brown-skinned members of Congress by implying they are foreigners who, as [Tucker] Carlson suggested, may not love this country.” It’s not a coincidence that he targeted only dark-skinned women with his disgusting racism. He clearly hates women and also clearly hates those with brown skin. He just doesn’t do it this openly very often. There’s no dog whistle here at all, just blatant, overt bigotry on display. And the tragic thing is that not only will this not hurt him politically, it will help him shore up his base who are currently disappointed with his cave-in on the citizenship question.

And let’s not forget where his own wife comes from.

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