GOPAC Chairman Ignores Substance of Trump’s Racist Tweets

GOPAC Chairman Ignores Substance of Trump’s Racist Tweets July 16, 2019

The chairman of GOPAC, one of the largest Republican PACs in the country, went on Fox News and conveniently ignored all the substance of Trump’s blatantly racist attacks on four Democratic Congresswomen, saying that the president merely “makes a comment” and is automatically labeled “xenophobic and racist.” As if anything he says leads to that conclusion.

DAVID AVELLA (GOPAC CHAIRMAN): The Dems are very selective in who makes comments about others that is racist and who is not. Now, these four members —

JESSICA TARLOV (FOX NEWS CONTRIBUTOR): Is that racist, what he said?

AVELLA: These four members can certainly say what they want about the president of the United States and many Democrats say far more hateful things about the president of the United States and that’s OK. But the president makes a comment and somehow he becomes all the words and xenophobic and racist that Democrats like to pin Republicans on. But Jessica dismisses this discussion about how what this does to Democrats. Look, Democrats are already united in many ways against this president. Where they are most divided is on whether they should impeach him or not. And here is the problem for Democrats: They know, people like Nancy Pelosi know, that independents don’t want to see impeachment go through. Despite what they think whether the president did something wrong or not, they don’t want impeachment. They want to focus on issues. Every day Democrats talk about impeachment is a day closer the president is to being reelected.

Oh yes, of course. If he just says he likes the Yankees, hes called xenophobic and racist. It has nothing to do with the “go back to where you came from” trope that has been used by xenophobes and racists for the entire history of this country. How convenient to just ignore what he actually said and pretend that everything he says causes him to be called a racist. Republicans are clearly desperate to distract attention from the latest proof of Trump’s racism.

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