Neo-Nazis Loved Trump’s Racist Attack on Democratic Progressive Women

Neo-Nazis Loved Trump’s Racist Attack on Democratic Progressive Women July 16, 2019

You know who unsurprisingly loved Trump’s flagrantly racist attack on four dark-skinned Democratic Congresswomen? Racists, of course. White supremacists and neo-Nazis praised him for it, but it appears to have divided Fox News. Many hosts defended him, but White House correspondent John Roberts asked Trump if it bothered him that white supremacists are finding common cause with him.

Neo-Nazi publication Daily Stormer printed the headline “Trump tells brown communist Democrats to leave America, return to their shitholes,” a throwback to Trump’s infamous comments in which he called Haiti, El Salvador, and some African countries “shithole countries.”

British neo-Nazi Mark Collett responded to British Prime Minister Theresa May’s criticisms of Trump’s comments, saying that May is a “total failure.” He added that “her latest display of virtue signalling won’t do anything to improve her popularity.”…

White nationalist site VDARE responded to a tweet criticizing Republican’s silence on Trump’s comments by deflecting to a different story that they claim isn’t getting adequate attention from Democrats.

This is hardly a surprise. Trump was endorsed by pretty much every prominent white supremacist and neo-Nazi in the country in 2016 and they have continued to praise him as he attacks Latino immigrants and pretty much everyone else with darker skin than him.

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