Beck Plans Big Event to ‘Renew’ America’s ‘Covenant’ with God

Beck Plans Big Event to ‘Renew’ America’s ‘Covenant’ with God July 17, 2019

Glenn Beck is planning yet another earth-shattering event next summer as he desperately attempts to rebuild his TV network to make the kind of money he used to make on Fox News. This one will be a “restoring event” that will “renew” America’s covenant with God — just like George Washington did. This is a man, after all, who learns his history from professional liar David Barton.

“I told Tim … that I was going to do something big—a Restoring event—next summer,” Beck said. “I have felt strongly that it is supposed to be a renewal of the covenant.”

“We have to do it exactly right,” he added. “We have to repeat [George] Washington and [Abraham] Lincoln. We have to do it right and we, as a people, need to gather together and do it. So, next summer, we are going to do it.”…

If all this sounds vaguely familiar, it’s because Beck has organized several of these “Restoring” rallies over the years, beginning with August 2010 “Restoring Honor” rally at the Lincoln Memorial, which he said was divinely inspired to spark revival in America.

From what orifice did he extract this ridiculous idea that George Washington had somehow established a covenant with God? The orifice in which “Dr.” David Barton has placed his head. Washington did nothing of the sort, of course, and one cannot possibly produce plausible evidence that he did. Nor did the Founding Fathers as a group. The Constitution is conspicuously missing any covenantal language that was found in many state constitutions at the time. No statement about reliance on God are to be found there. Christian Reconstructionist Gary North wrote a thesis about this called Conspiracy in Philadelphia, in which he persuasively argues that the Constitution was a reversal of that earlier language about a covenant with God in state constitutions and that it was left out quite purposely. It’s one of the few things North is right about.

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