Bernstein Wants Trump to Become ‘Dictator for Patriotism’

Bernstein Wants Trump to Become ‘Dictator for Patriotism’ July 17, 2019

Utterly unhinged right-wing crackpot and conspiracy theorist Josh Bernstein says that Trump should become a “dictator for patriotism” by totally ignoring Congress (and the courts, presumably) and putting in his entire political agenda by executive order. Because according to the far right, shredding the Constitution is patriotism.

“I’m able to see that things were never going to get better,” he said. “[Democrats] were never going to allow this president to enact his full agenda, so I said, ‘Don’t even work with them; work with the people on Twitter and Facebook that love you and follow you and you work with them. You tell them what you are going to do and you do everything else you have to do by executive order. Almost become a dictator for patriotism, if you have to.’”

“I wouldn’t say anything to Nancy Pelosi, I wouldn’t say anything to any of them, Mitch McConnell, none of them,” Bernstein added. “I would lock myself off from Congress, do what I was going to do, do it through executive orders, make the country great again, and then let the people of America decide in 2020.”

I bet Bernstein loves to attack the Democrats for ignoring or subverting the Constitution and the rule of law and talks endlessly about his adoration for the founding fathers and the Constitution they wrote. But if it gets his far right agenda implemented, he’s not only okay with completely destroying the entire political system they established, he’s strongly encouraging it. This is the precise opposite of patriotism.

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