Romney Responds to Trump’s Racist Tweets by Attacking Democrats

Romney Responds to Trump’s Racist Tweets by Attacking Democrats July 17, 2019

Mitt Romney, who has been a frequent critic of Donald Trump, was asked about Trump’s racist attacks on the four dark-skinned progressive Democrats in Congress. But instead of criticizing Trump for it, he decided to attack the same women, saying that they hold views that are “not consistent with building a strong America.”

Now here’s the incredible irony of it all: Romney’s father, the legendary former governor of Michigan, George Romney, was born in Mexico. And if he chose to, Mitt could choose to have dual citizenship in both Mexico and the United States.

It’s already been published: Mitt Romney’s father is Mexican. George Romney was born in 1907 in an American colony in the Mexican state of Chihuahua.

This could could make his son, Mitt, today’s favorite to be the GOP presidential candidate, a potential Mexican citizen, with full rights.

Check out any official Mexican guide for “paisanos” – those living in the U.S. – that now appear to have been written with Romney’s father in mind: “Dear Paisano: If you are Mexican and have children born in the United States, by registering them in any Mexican consulate they will have dual nationality.”

Which means that, by Trump’s “reasoning,” Romney is less American than AOC, whose ancestors are from Puerto Rico and therefore are American citizens. And she was born only a few miles from Trump, whose mother was born in Scotland and whose grandfather came here from Germany. And Ilhan Omar, the one of the four women who was actually born in another country, has been an American citizen longer than two of Trump’s three wives. The difference? They’re all white, while the four women Trump attacked are all brown.

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