Court Documents Show Trump Lied — Again — about Stormy Daniels Payoff

Court Documents Show Trump Lied — Again — about Stormy Daniels Payoff July 19, 2019

The federal judge in the Michael Cohen case ordered the release of documents from that case that showed that Trump’s denials of his involvement in, or even knowledge of, Cohen’s payoff of Stormy Daniels to keep her quiet in the dog says of the 2016 election is about as likely to be true as Trump claiming to have won the 100-meter dash at the Olympics.

Newly unsealed court documents show that then-candidate Donald Trump communicated repeatedly with his lawyer Michael Cohen amid the election year scramble to keep quiet allegations that Trump previously had an affair with an adult-film actress.

The documents were released Thursday at the direction of a federal judge in New York, who disclosed a day before that an investigation into suspected campaign finance violations had ended. Trump and those close to him long said they were unaware that Cohen had bought the women’s silence, but phone calls and text messages documented by the FBI suggest they were closely involved.

The new details about the investigation are unlikely to have legal consequences for the president or those close to him because the hush-money investigation has concluded. However, the documents could further erode their credibility.

Okay, that made me laugh. Erode Trump’s credibility? What credibility would that be, exactly? Is it double-secret probation credibility? The man lies as casually as he breathes. He lost credibility before his first birthday, for crying out loud.

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