DiGenova Gives Evidence-free Claim About Robert Mueller

DiGenova Gives Evidence-free Claim About Robert Mueller July 19, 2019

Joseph DiGenova, a favorite of both Fox News and Donald Trump (who tried to hire him and his wife, Victoria Toensing, to defend him in the Mueller investigation but was prevented by conflicts of interest), made a scandalous claim about Mueller without a shred of evidence. He claimed Mueller left a cell phone in the Oval Office to record Trump after he left.

GREGG JARRETT (GUEST HOST): The number one question I would ask, Joe, is, “Mr. Mueller, the day before you were appointed Special Counsel, you were sitting in the Oval Office with the president, and isn’t it true he told you his reasons for firing James Comey? Which makes you a witness in your own prosecutorial case, which you cannot do under any circumstances?” I’d love to hear the answer to that one.

JOE DIGENOVA: Yes, and the other thing is, remember something very interesting, it hasn’t been written about, occurred. Bob Mueller went into that meeting with Rod Rosenstein, and it was just the three of them in the Oval Office, and Bob Mueller had a telephone with him, a cell phone.

He left that cell phone in the Oval Office after the meeting, and it is now believed by many people that the cell phone was used to broadcast the meeting between the president, Rod Rosenstein and Bob Mueller, back to FBI headquarters, where they recorded the conversation with the president.

Now why would you leave your phone in the president’s office, after a meeting? It was to continue to record what happened after they left.

VICTORIA TOENSING: How did he get in there with a phone? We always have ours taken out.

DIGENOVA: That’s right.

TOENSING: You have to put them in a locker, so something’s fishy right there.

Yeah, your husband is lying. That’s what is fishy here. No one else has ever made this claim that I’m aware of, and I’m quite sure no one has ever presented any evidence for it. Lucky for DiGenova, he was on Fox News, where lies not only don’t bother them, it’s encouraged.

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