Kilmeade: Next President Has to Reduce Spending, Deficit

Kilmeade: Next President Has to Reduce Spending, Deficit July 20, 2019

Brian Kilmeade, the second dumbest man on television, conveniently puts the task of reducing spending and the deficit on the next president rather than on Trump, whose policies are responsible for the explosion in that deficit despite his ludicrous claim that he would balance the federal budget and eliminate the entire $20+ million debt in only eight years.

BRIAN KILMEADE (CO-HOST): By the way, we’re a country right now with, despite the success, running a huge deficit; $1 trillion we are heading to.


KILMEADE: So someone, the next politician, the next president, has got to do this hard thing of saying we have to tighten our belts and cut spending. It’s hard to get re-elected when you cut spending, but you have to educate the American people what we’re up against.

CHARLES PAYNE (FOX BUSINESS HOST): No, neither party is really talking about it too much unfortunately. Let’s be quite honest about that. In fact, to Stuart’s point, to fund socialism, when you talk about $100 trillion Medicare for all kind of thing, you need two things. You need to be able to go into people’s — where all the wealth is. You have to go into 401(k)s, tax that, but also, they want to take the Federal Reserve, usurp the Federal Reserve because they can print money. And listen, here’s the thinking of a lot of people. If the Fed printed $4 trillion out of thin air to save banks, why not make them print $4 trillion to fund colleges? So we’re not talking about spending less. They’re trying to think of innovative ways to spend more.

KILMEADE: Yeah, you’ll need a wheelbarrow for what would actually equal a dollar — that’s what a dollar would be worth.

STEVE DOOCY (CO-HOST): That’s Venezuela.


So let me get this straight…If we don’t fix the deficit, we’ll become Venezuela. But we’ll let Trump and the Republicans, who controlled both houses of Congress for two years and who passed the massive tax cut that exploded the deficit to over a trillion dollars, get a pass and put all the onus on his successor to fix what they did. And we won’t offer a word of criticism of Trump or the GOP-controlled Congress for it all. Isn’t that just so politically convenient for a conservative to do? Funny, I don’t remember Fox News giving Obama a pass and saying that it was Trump’s responsibility to fix, do you?

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