House Chaplain Casts Demons Out of Legislature

House Chaplain Casts Demons Out of Legislature July 21, 2019

Pat Conroy, a Jesuit priest who serves as the chaplain for the House of Representatives, decided that legislative chamber was loaded with demons (he probably wasn’t referring to the House Republican Caucus), so in his morning prayer he had an old-fashioned exorcism, casting demons out of the building. And I thought Paul Ryan already left.

This is just embarrassing as a country. First, that we have a House Chaplain at all, but far worse that it’s a guy who actually believes the demons exist and that he can make them do things by uttering the magic words. The same people who would applaud this would be appalled if a Voodoo Priestess sprinkled chicken blood around the room and shook some bones around to get rid of the evil spirits, but I see no difference at all between those two rituals. Both are superstitious nonsense that is beneath the dignity — or damn well should be — of the legislative body that helps rule the nation.

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