Christian DA: You’re Discriminating Against Me if I Can’t Discriminate Against Others!

Christian DA: You’re Discriminating Against Me if I Can’t Discriminate Against Others! July 28, 2019

Remember that Christian District Attorney in Tennessee I wrote about recently who said that Muslims don’t have the same rights as others and said he won’t enforce the law if it involves gay couples? One of the people he’s prosecuting is trying to get him removed from the case because of such statements and he says this violates his religious freedom. Seriously.

Northcott this week told Davidson County General Sessions Judge Dianne Turner that his past statements are not reflective of his willingness to uphold laws and he painted his critics as bigots who are intent on bringing down Christian attorneys.

“It’s constitutionally repugnant what they are trying to do,” he said of efforts to get him removed as special prosecutor. “They are trying to impose on me a religious and political test for serving in my office, for conducting my job… Everything you heard them arguing just now was they don’t like my theological and political beliefs.”

Balderdash, as our British friends might say. He has specifically said that he will not follow the law or the Constitution because of his religious views, so to claim that those statements are not indicative of his willingness to enforce the law is simply a lie, and a ridiculous thing to argue. The one imposing religious tests is him and gay people and Muslims don’t get equal rights in his district because of his religion. You can believe any religious thing you want, but if you’re in a job in which you swear to uphold the Constitution and those beliefs prevent that, you should be fired. Period. So sayeth any rational person.

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