Joyner: Failure to Prosecute Comey Will Lead to Second American Revolution

Joyner: Failure to Prosecute Comey Will Lead to Second American Revolution August 5, 2019

Christian con man Rick Joyner loves to make predictions, and the fact that none of them ever seem to come true bothers neither him nor his followers. His latest prediction that will fail is that the DOJ’s decision not to prosecute former FBI Director James Comey for the crime of making Trump angry will lead to a second American revolution.

“This has to be a blow to everyone who believes we’re supposed to be a place of liberty and justice for all, not just some,” Joyner said. “This is why there is going to be another American Revolution. Our Founding Fathers pointed to things; when it gets like this, when it gets this bad, you have to rise up against the tyranny in your own government, and this is tyranny.”

“We’re no longer a country of the people, for the people, by the people,” he added. “Government has gotten to the place where it believes the people exist for them, not the other way around. Well, that has got to change and the only way it is going to change is revolution. Does that mean it has to be a violent revolution? I pray not, [but] I think it is headed that way. That was, by the way, the reason for the Second Amendment. The Second Amendment was for there to be an armed militia [so] that if our government became oppressive and tyrannical, the people could stand against it and defend themselves, defend their rights, defend their families, their states, whatever. We are coming to that again.”

Pretty much everything about this is wrong, but then pretty much everything Joyner says about any subject is wrong. The reality is that the vast majority of Americans couldn’t care less about Comey and know nothing about the situation. The notion that the failure to prosecute him is going to spark another revolution is so absurd that all one can do is laugh.

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