How the El Paso Shooter Echoed Fox News Rhetoric

How the El Paso Shooter Echoed Fox News Rhetoric August 6, 2019

The white supremacist who killed more than 20 people in El Paso, Texas left behind a manifesto that uses rhetoric made popular not only by other white supremacists but by more than one Fox News host. In particular, the nonsense about Latino immigration being an “invasion” and what is called the “great replacement theory.”

The shooter who killed 20 people and injured dozens in El Paso, TX, over the weekend first posted online a document outlining the white nationalist “great replacement” theory to which he subscribed. Fox News has long mainstreamed this theory’s rhetoric…

The gunman in El Paso described immigrants as “invaders” flooding into the United States, which is rhetoric that both President Donald Trump and Fox News personalities frequently employ. Fox hosts Tucker Carlson and Laura Ingraham, who both have a history of pushing white nationalism and bigotry on cable airwaves, blatantly push the theory that white Americans are being replaced through immigration to the benefit of Democrats. Variations of the white supremacist “great replacement” theory have also appeared on other Fox programs.

On her Fox show, Laura Ingraham fearmongered that Democrats “want to replace you, the American voters, with newly amnestied citizens and an ever increasing number of chain migrants.”

Ingraham fearmongered on her podcast that Democrats support “replacing the current American population” with “new immigrants.”…

On his Fox show, Tucker Carlson fearmongered about immigrants replacing an aging American population. He asserted that he isn’t “against the immigrants” but rather “for the Americans” because “nobody cares about them. It’s like, shut up, you’re dying, we’re gonna replace you.”…

Fox host and Trump ally Sean Hannity fearmongered about immigration while his guest, then-Rep. Dana Rohrabacher (R-CA), warned that Democrats “want to replace us with this massive flow.”

There are literally dozens of examples of similar rhetoric about an invasion and white people being replaced on Fox News. The most serious white supremacists blame all of this on the Jews, but the Fox News hosts avoid that part of it. They blame it all on the Democrats instead. But the nature of the ideas remains the same. And they use it so often that you don’t even need to read much of the shooter’s manifesto. You’ll get the same thing just by watching Fox News.

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