McDonald: Weekend Shootings Were Demonic False Flag to Take Away Right to Worship

McDonald: Weekend Shootings Were Demonic False Flag to Take Away Right to Worship August 6, 2019

Crackpot conspiracy theorist says that the mass shootings that took place this weekend in El Paso, Texas and Dayton, Ohio were caused by the devil himself and that he arranged for both of these “false flag” operations so those under his control can take away everyone’s guns and, ultimately, their right to worship freely.

“There is a spiritual war over this country,” he said. “When you see things that take place like you saw last night in El Paso and Dayton, it’s nothing but the devil. The guns didn’t do this; people did this full of the devil and they were demon-possessed and these people are being used as pawns in this elite, deep state game to control this country, to take the guns away, to take any freedom away that we’ve got.”

“Listen to me,” McDonald added. “It’s not just about the guns, it’s about your ability to worship. It’s all tied together, because if they can take your guns away, they can take your ability to worship God away and they are trying to do everything in one swoop.”

McDonald went on to rail against “brainless” and “demon-possessed” politicians who are calling for gun control or criticizing the president for his role in promoting white nationalist ideology.

What, no George Soros? No Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama? So disappointing.

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