Taylor: Criticize Me and God Will Punish You

Taylor: Criticize Me and God Will Punish You August 6, 2019

Like so many Christian con men, firefighter turned “prophet” Mark Taylor tries to insulate himself from criticism by claiming that because he is a prophet of God, if you criticize him his big bad buddy is going to punish you. Can you tell how intimidated I am by this? I’m quaking in my boots. If I wore boots, that is.

“I want to put this warning out,” Taylor said. “God says specifically in his word, ‘Do not touch my anointed, but especially my prophets.’”

Taylor said that in biblical times, if someone attacked a prophet, it was only heard by those within earshot, whereas today, those who criticize prophets like him do so via massive platforms like Twitter or Facebook, where their heretical attacks can reach a global audience.

“God’s going to hold them accountable,” he said. “Before you tap on that enter button, you better think twice and pray and ask the Lord, ‘Hey, is this something I need to be putting out there for the entire world to see?’ Because, right now, literally you are going to be putting your life in your own hands, at this point.”

My life is in the hands of my doctors, not some non-existent celestial deity. And I have no intention of stopping my criticism of those frauds who sell themselves as God’s prophets.

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