Wiles: Jews Will Use Shootings to Justify Killing Christians

Wiles: Jews Will Use Shootings to Justify Killing Christians August 7, 2019

Raging paranoiac, anti-Semite and bizarre conspiracy theorist Rick Wiles has identified the real force behind the false flag mass shootings last weekend and, wouldn’t you know it, it’s the Jews. He says they’re gonna use the shootings to justify “red flag” laws that will then be used to round up Christians and kill them. Yes, again.

“You will see the Jewish lobby being the strongest proponent of red flag laws in America,” Wiles warned. “Their henchmen in Congress will be fanning out across America, on TV shows and town hall meetings, promoting red flag laws. This is about confiscation of guns. Of course, they are also going to tie it in with so-called hate speech, and to the [Anti-Defamation League], anyone who criticizes the Zionist movement and Israel has committed hate speech and, of course, such a person must be mentally ill. Therefore their guns should be confiscated, right?”

“What did the Bolshevik Jews do to the Russian Christians in 1917?” Wiles asked. “The ones that they did not execute, they arrested them and put them in mental institutions.”

“I’m going to tell you what’s moving through the country. It’s an American Irgun,” he added. “Irgun never disbanded … I’m telling you, what’s moving through this country is an American Irgun. There is a killer team. There are multiple killer teams. It’s Irgun … Irgun is in America.”

I’ve lost count of how many times Wiles has predicted the impending rounding up and killing of Christians, but it’s about a weekly occurrence. You’d think by now it would have happened. Or maybe, just maybe, he’s completely full of crap.

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