Joyner: Liberal Rhetoric to Blame for Resurgence of White Supremacy

Joyner: Liberal Rhetoric to Blame for Resurgence of White Supremacy August 12, 2019

Christian con man Rick Joyner made the totally counter-intuitive argument that the resurgence of white supremacy is not a result of bigoted right wing rhetoric that echoes their talking about, but can be blamed, for some unstated reason, on liberal rhetoric.

“I really believe the rhetoric on the left, if anything is re-firing white supremacy groups in our country, they have been doing it,” Joyner said. “Their rhetoric has been doing it. If anything has stirred up the violence that has been created, it is the rhetoric on the left, not the right, not Trump.”

“I do believe that white supremacist movements in America were just about dead and the ones that were still alive were dying until all this kind of stuff started happening,” he added. “The rhetoric on the left, the behavior on the left, the murder that was incited by the slogans and the rhetoric of the extreme left, now it’s pushing people to the extreme right and they’re starting to react.”

I notice there’s something missing from his argument — an argument. He doesn’t even attempt to offer a reason why, even an incoherent one. He offers no link between cause and effect, not even a hint of one. He seems to think it’s true just because he wants it to be true. I can’t say I blame him for this because the claim is so stupid that there simply is no argument for it, so he just has to declare it to be true.

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