Rios Equates White Supremacy to Christianity and American Values

Rios Equates White Supremacy to Christianity and American Values August 12, 2019

The quite deranged Sandy Rios, the American Family Association’s director of governmental affairs, makes the warped argument that when the left criticizes white supremacy, what they’re really criticizing is people who love the Constitution, the Founding Fathers and Jesus. Does she realize she just equated all those things to white supremacy?

She continued, “So when the left is talking about white supremacism, they’re talking about the roots of this country. They’re talking about Christianity. They’re talking about hard work, about capitalism and free-market values. They’re talking about everything that has made America what it is. That’s what they mean.”

Rios went on to cite examples of left-of-center people criticizing racist and controversial remarks made by conservative activist Candace Owens to make her point.

“It may seem as though the hatred is focused on the president, but as I have said to you before, it is really focused on us—those of us that love this country, even if you don’t support Trump fully but you love the Constitution, you love the founders, you believe in Jesus—you are an object of their wrath.”

Rios made a similar argument in 2017 when she argued that the term “alt-right”—the label the white supremacist movement fixated to itself in the run-up to the 2016 election—was coined to denigrate conservatives, especially those who speak “in the name of Jesus.”

I certainly don’t equate those things with white supremacy. It’s just a laundry list of conservative buzzwords with no logical argument for her conclusion whatsoever. It’s just part of that inane “liberals have everything good in the world” rhetoric that can’t be taken seriously even by reasonably intelligent conservatives.

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