Conway Tries to Explain Away Trump’s Tweet about Clinton Killing Epstein

Conway Tries to Explain Away Trump’s Tweet about Clinton Killing Epstein August 13, 2019

Donald Trump retweeted a ridiculous conspiracy theory that somehow the Clintons are responsible for the suicide of billionaire financier and pedophile Jeffrey Epstein and then sent out Kellyanne Conway (I prefer Baghdad Kellyanne or Kellyanne of Green Goebbels) to explain it away with an absolutely laughable excuse.

Conway said this morning that Epstein’s victims deserve justice no matter what.

Hemmer asked her about the retweet, and Conway responded, “I think the president just wants everything to be investigated.”…

Hemmer again asked about the president’s retweet. Conway again said, “The president just wants everything to be investigated.”

That was clearly the agreed upon talking point, but who could take it seriously? Trump wants everything to be investigated? So he’ll stop throwing a tantrum about “presidential harassment” in response to multiple investigations into him, right? Of course not. Trump doesn’t want everything investigated, he wants his political enemies investigated and is furious that anyone would dare to investigate him or his aides and associates. This is an absurdly hypocritical and disingenuous argument.

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