Fox News Angry that Churches Are Providing Sanctuary to Immigrants

Fox News Angry that Churches Are Providing Sanctuary to Immigrants August 13, 2019

The Evangelical Lutheran Church in America, the more progressive of the two major Lutheran synods, is preparing to declare itself a sanctuary church where an immigrant can go and they’ll hide them and protect them from the federal government’s immigration authorities. And Fox News is very upset about this and suddenly deciding that churches must follow the rule of law.

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“The Evangelical Lutheran Church in America voting to become the nation’s first, get this, sanctuary church body, pledging to shelter illegals and fight deportation cases. So is this crossing the line?” Hegseth asked his panel.

“We don’t want to create a place in which the rule of law is not respected. That’s not good for the nation, it’s not even good for the immigrant who is looking for help to suggest to them that somehow, there’s one place where you have to follow the law and another place that you don’t,” Fox News commentator Jonathan Morris said.

Fox contributor Robert Jeffress echoed Morris’ sentiments. “That’s right and look, churches ought to minister to everyone regardless of their immigration status, but there’s a difference between ministering the people and assisting people in breaking the law,” the American Southern Baptist pastor said.

“The church has no business in doing that. And look, the Bible is very clear about this,” Jeffress continued. “In Romans 13, Paul says, ‘Government is established by God. To resist government is to resist God himself.'”

Yeah, we don’t want churches following one set of laws and everyone else following another. So Morris, Jeffress and Fox News will be condemning Kim Davis for refusing to comply with the law on marriage equality, right? Right? I didn’t think so. And they’ll be demanding an end to religious exemptions to our anti-discrimination laws, right? After all, the Bible is very clear about this and they’re resisting government and therefore resisting God, right? Yeah, I thought not. When they like what a church or religious person does, it’s all about religious freedom; when they don’t like what they’re doing, that’s an outrageous violation of the rule of law and cannot be tolerated. And the Bible is very clear about this. Except when it isn’t.

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