Trump Defends Retweet of Ridiculous Epstein Conspiracy Theory

Trump Defends Retweet of Ridiculous Epstein Conspiracy Theory August 14, 2019

In a rambling diatribe on the tarmac, Trump defended his retweet of an absurd conspiracy theory from Terrence K. Williams that somehow or another the Clintons had Jeffrey Epstein killed in a Manhattan jail to hide their alleged crimes. His defense was to claim that Williams is a credible source as a “conservative pundit.”

On Saturday, Trump retweeted a message from conservative actor and comedian Terrence K. Williams that suggested former president Bill Clinton might have been involved in the death of Epstein, the politically connected financier who had been facing multiple charges of sex trafficking involving underage girls.

“He’s a very highly respected conservative pundit,” Trump told reporters in New Jersey, referring to Williams. “He’s a big Trump fan. That was a retweet, that wasn’t from me. That was from him, but he’s a man with half a million followers, a lot of followers. And he’s respected.”

“So I think I was fine,” added Trump, who has 63 million followers on Twitter.

Williams is not a conservative pundit, he’s a bad comedian who has hitched his fame wagon to Trump as he tours with other pro-Trump comedians as The Deplorables. He doesn’t write a column for a newspaper or magazine, or even host a radio or TV show. He’s been an occasional guest on some of the lesser Fox News shows, that’s about it. And the number of followers someone has is irrelevant. Barack Obama has nearly twice as many followers as Trump on twitter, almost 109 million followers. Does that make what he says twice as true as what Trump says? Of course not. Trump is making an idiotic argument that he would not accept if he disagreed with someone.

But I think he gives away the real reason he thinks Williams is credible — “He’s a big Trump fan.” That’s all it takes for Trump to think you’re a genius and a wonderful person. And if you don’t like him, you simply must be stupid and lack all credibility. It’s all about his ego, as usual.

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