Starnes Compares Immigration to Nazi Invasion

Starnes Compares Immigration to Nazi Invasion August 16, 2019

Todd Starnes, who hosts a radio show for Fox News and is a frequent guest on their various TV shows as well, is nothing if not a professional hysteric. His job is to exaggerate every imagined threat into impending doom. So it is with immigration, which he actually compares to a Nazi invasion while ignoring the reasons why they try to come here and the actual evidence on things like crime.

TODD STARNES (HOST): The New York Times did a pretty big exposé, and it was a nasty hit job on those of us who work here at the Fox News corner of the world. And they were going off about how the El Paso killer had echoed some of the words that we use here at the Fox News corner of the world. And specifically, it’s a word that I’ve been using for years now about what’s happening at our border. And I do believe that we have been invaded. That we have been invaded by a horde, a rampaging horde, of illegal aliens. This has been a slow-moving invasion. And that’s — I believe that’s a fair description of what we have suffered here in this country.

Because the nation has suffered. We have spent billions and billions of our tax dollars taking care of the illegals. Many families have suffered. They have suffered loss, they have been victims of crimes committed by the illegal aliens. I’m not saying all of them are violent criminals, but a good many are. And we’ve reported on those stories here on this program.

But when you go back in time and when you look at what an invasion is, whether it’s the Nazis invading France and Western Europe — whether the Muslims were invading a country back in the early years. It was an invasion. And what exactly is an invasion? Well, when you have one group of people — it doesn’t matter if it’s 25 or if it’s 25,000 — but if you have one group of people crossing the border of another country without that country’s permission, in my estimation, that in fact is what we would call an invasion. People used to fight wars over stuff like that.

No, that is not all an invasion is. There also has to be hostile intent, specifically an intent to take over the country and rule over it. That simply is not present here. Those people are not some invading force of troops trying to take over, it’s a bunch of people so desperate to escape a horrible situation that they’re willing to pack a few belonging on their back, often their children, and make the dangerous trek across thousands of miles through the heat of the desert with few supplies in order to reach America, which has always declared itself to be the land of freedom and opportunity for all. We used to take great pride in that. Now we claim they’re like a Nazi invasion force. It’s just perverse and twisted.

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