Truck Driven by Prison Guard Rams Anti-ICE Protesters

Truck Driven by Prison Guard Rams Anti-ICE Protesters August 16, 2019

We very nearly had another Heather Heyer situation in Rhode Island, where a group from Never Again Action, a Jewish group that protests the Trump immigration policies and ICE in particular, were rammed by a truck driven by a guard from that facility, which houses ICE detainees. And the police then pepper sprayed the protesters rather than arresting the driver.

Credit for the photo to Takver:

Five people protesting a Rhode Island prison that works with Immigration and Customs Enforcement were treated at a hospital Wednesday after a truck allegedly driven by a prison worker drove into the crowd of demonstrators. None of the injuries were life-threatening…

They were gathered Wednesday night outside of the Wyatt Detention Facility in Central Falls. A couple dozen people were sitting on the ground blocking a staff parking lot when a black truck approached around 10 p.m. The truck sped up, startling the protesters, then stopped. After a brief pause, it accelerated. The incident was caught on camera.

Here’s the video of what happened:

And it got worse:

The protesters said the driver worked at the prison, and in another video, it’s clear that he’s wearing a uniform and badge. The man was allowed to walk into the building after ramming the demonstrators, they said. But first, guards pepper-sprayed the crowd.

Here’s video of that:

The guard should be arrested and charged with attempted murder. Wanna bet whether that happens or not? I’d lay dollars to donuts it doesn’t. This kind of violence against peaceful protesters is something we see and react with horror when it happens in Russia, China and other brutal dictatorships. But we’re slowly becoming numb to it here. The fundamental nature of this country is changing, and not for the better . We are returning to the days when the government gunned down union protesters, a dark time in our history that we thought was in the past. It’s clearly not. The “good ol’ days” are back, with a vengeance. Can we call it fascism yet?

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