Taylor Thinks ‘Bully Pulpit’ is a Signal to Satan’s Pastors

Taylor Thinks ‘Bully Pulpit’ is a Signal to Satan’s Pastors August 18, 2019

Far-right conspiracy crackpot and fake “prophet” Mark Taylor has a bizarre accusation aimed at Rep. Maxine Water, who sent out a tweet after the mass shootings in El Paso, Texas and Dayton, Ohio calling on Trump to use his “bully pulpit to stop these horrific mass shootings.” Taylor claims that was a secret code to “advocate” “Satan’s pastors.”

“What were the words she used?” Taylor asked. ”Bully pulpit.’”

“The Lord told me the hordes of chaos have been released on the earth right now,” he continued. “He also told me, ‘Satan’s pastors have been activated.’ Satan’s pastors have been activated. Now this is the first time I am releasing this publicly, so this is what she is saying. The bully pulpit; she’s activating Satan’s pastors be begin bullying from the pulpit. Bullying the president, bullying those over illegal immigration, bullying those over the border. It’s all about activating; look, the Lord has told me that the devil is coming back for his dues right now.”

The biggest and most flagrant political bully we’ve ever had in office is being bullied. Exactly how deluded would you have to be to believe that? For crying out loud, the phrase “bully pulpit” goes back to Teddy Roosevelt and it has nothing to do with bullying.

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