Why Does Anyone Take Ben Shapiro Seriously?

Why Does Anyone Take Ben Shapiro Seriously? August 20, 2019

Ben Shapiro, the boy wonder of conservatism, is a towering mediocrity who is as immune to reality as Donald Trump. On his show Monday, he actually claimed that Republicans never questioned the legitimacy of Barack Obama’s presidency. Then he changed that, in light of birtherism, to any “major elected Republican official.” And he was still spectacularly wrong.

And was almost immediately proven wrong:

And here’s the best part. After calling Trump a “fringe character” during Obama’s presidency it turns out that he endorsed Trump to run against Obama in 2012 himself — and he based that largely on his birtherism:

This shall go down in the history of self-owns as epic. He ducked into the punch, then got back up and did it again. Hilarious.

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