Taylor: If Trump Doesn’t Start Rounding Up Democrats, Crackpots Will Start Murdering Them

Taylor: If Trump Doesn’t Start Rounding Up Democrats, Crackpots Will Start Murdering Them August 21, 2019

Mark Taylor says that God has told him that if Trump does not begin to arrest well-known Democrats like Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama, people like him and those who believe the same putrid crap he does will begin to murder those politicians themselves and “drag their dead bodies through the streets.” He apparently doesn’t realize how dangerous this makes him sound.

“What the Lord has shown me is that if they wait too long,” he said, “it could be another Mogadishu or another Benghazi, where the patriots will rise up and say, ‘Enough is enough,’ and they will take matters into their own hands and they will drag their dead bodies through the streets. They will go to these politicians’ houses or offices and drag them out.”

“The people are not asking for justice, they are demanding it, so the government has to act,” Taylor added. “They need to make probably one or two high-level arrests, high-profile arrests, perp walk them on national television so that people will see that justice is going to be done. They have got to make the arrests before January if they are going to make them this year, because if [Trump] arrests anyone after January when campaign season starts, it’s going to make it look like he’s just arresting those that oppose him. So they have a window of time between now and the end of the year to make these arrests. That is what God has shown me as far as this timeline.”

It’s not clear what he thinks they should be arrested for, of course. Like most right-wing crackpots, he simply believes and assumes that the Democrats are evil and criminal — never mind that the real criminal is their hero, Donald Trump. He’s basically saying that if Trump doesn’t turn us into a tinpot dictatorship, the people who believe like he does are fully prepared to start murdering people. Does he not realize that this makes clear just how dangerous these irrational extremists are? These people need to be watched very closely. Every single domestic terrorist event in the United States last was carried out by right-wing extremists and these are exactly the kind of people who carry them out. And he’s flat-out admitting that.

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