Myles: ‘The Bible is the constitution of the government’

Myles: ‘The Bible is the constitution of the government’ August 22, 2019

Francis Myles, yet another far-right preacher, appeared on the Jim Bakker Show and declared that “the Bible is the constitution of the government.” For some weird reason, he thinks that Jesus came here to rule the United States, a country that didn’t exist and wouldn’t exist for more than 1700 years.

Credit to Chris Phan:

Myles claimed that his understanding of the relationship between church and state changed dramatically when he heard a message preached by the late pastor Myles Munroe.

“He said, ‘The problem with Christians is that we read the Bible as though it is a religious book,’” Myles said. “The Bible is the constitution of the government, it’s the constitution of the kingdom. Jesus was the head of state. He came here as the head of state, so the Bible is God revealing his mind about how his government runs.”

“If God’s kingdom is a government … then it has to have an immigration policy,” he continued. “Do you know what the Gospel is? What we Gospel preachers are? We are here to preach the Gospel to give visas to people to go to Heaven, because if you refuse Jesus, that is God’s immigration policy. If you refuse Jesus and you die without knowing Jesus, you are not going to Heaven. Which means that Heaven cannot be entered into just because you want to go there. So God’s kingdom does have an immigration policy. So if God’s kingdom has it, then how can we accuse President Trump or any country, for that matter, that wants to control its immigration system if God controls his?”

One has to wonder why the Constitution of the United States is “God revealing his mind about how government works,” but the governments of no other countries in the last 200 years reveal God’s mind. Somehow Jesus is the head of state here but has never been that in any other country. And yet until the founding of the United States, virtually every country in the west recognized the divine right of kings and had officially Christian governments. That’s the one big distinguishing difference between America and the countries that came before it, something that enormously bothered the Christian right of the day. They tried multiple times to amend the text to include specific language saying that America had a covenant with God and failed every time. History is clearly not Myles’ strong suit.

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