Trump Lies About Doctors Leaving Operating Rooms to See Him

Trump Lies About Doctors Leaving Operating Rooms to See Him August 23, 2019

If there’s one constant other than lying that Trump displays constantly, it’s his continual claims to be loved beyond belief by everyone who sees him. And he claimed that when he visited El Paso after the recent mass shooting there, doctors were leaving their operating rooms to show him personal love.

The University Medical Center of El Paso on Thursday officially disputed a claim made by President Trump that doctors left the operating room in order to see him during his recent visit to the hospital.

UMC spokesman Ryan Mielke told ABC-7 that the president’s account of his visit in that regard simply wasn’t accurate.

“At no time did, or would, physicians or staff leave active operating rooms during the presidential visit. Our priority is always patient care,” he said in an email to ABC-7.

Trump made the contention on Wednesday, when he told reporters that doctors in both El Paso and Dayton came out of the operating room to see him and that “the love for me — maybe as representative of the country — but for me, and my love for them, was unparalleled.”

He thinks he’s making a positive claim. What he doesn’t realize, apparently, is that he is accusing doctors of violating their oath by neglecting patients in surgery because they just love him so much they had to see him. It’s an incredible lie, and like so many of his lies it is designed solely for self-aggrandizement. His ego is simply insatiable.

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