Wingnut: Trump’s ‘Secret Prayers’ Kept Mueller Report from Destroying Presidency

Wingnut: Trump’s ‘Secret Prayers’ Kept Mueller Report from Destroying Presidency August 23, 2019

Hank Kunneman, a right wing preacher and “prophet” who just loves him some Donald Trump, says that the reason the Mueller report didn’t destroy his presidency is because he made “secret prayers” to God to prevent it from happening. And he knows that because God told him so in a “prophecy.”

Credit: Nick Youngson.

“God brought a very strong word one time,” Kunneman claimed. “He said, ‘There are those of you that are calling this man who is president, you are saying, “Oh, he’s not a Christian.” You do not know what he prays in secret and [nor] do you understand what he says before me.’” And he said, ‘I’m going to prove it to you when this stubborn Mueller report comes out and they will stumbled over it.’”

“This prophecy said it will be the secret prayer of President Trump that said, ‘God, nobody believes me. Lord, I need your help,’” he continued. “And sometimes it is the simple things like that that God hears in secret, that it takes a prophet to hear in secret, to reveal why certain things are happening.”

“God told me that from New York City there would be a president that would be raised up from the place that the towers were attacked [on 9/11] and it will bring America back on course,” Kunneman declared. “He said when it would happen—2016—and we’re seeing it before our eyes and I don’t care what anybody says because you can listen to those that you like what they say or you can listen to God.”

So we have yet another “prophet” who says God gave him a “prophecy” that Trump would become president, but without any evidence that he ever expressed that “prophecy” prior to it actually happening. Claiming later to have predicted something without ever making that prediction in public is pretty much a foolproof way to be accurate 100% of the time. Or rather, it isn’t foolproof so much as it is something that is convincing only to fools.

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