Q Anon-Pushing Professor Angry when Students Laugh at Him

Q Anon-Pushing Professor Angry when Students Laugh at Him August 24, 2019

A professor from a community college in Arizona who believes in and advocates the astonishingly stupid Q Anon conspiracy got mad when students laughed at him as he ranted incoherently about it. Like many Q Anon crackpots, he believes the real Q is JFK Jr., who faked his death so he could operate behind the scenes.

An English professor at Mesa Community College kicked off the fall semester by showing his classes a YouTube video spreading a far-right conspiracy theory, according to four students.

The 14-minute video shown by adjunct professor Douglas Belmore in at least two classes promoted QAnon, an online community that subscribes to the theory that a cabal of satanic, cannibalistic pedophiles has infiltrated the American government, media, and entertainment industry.

President Donald Trump, according to QAnon, has been secretly working to arrest the perpetrators of the global conspiracy, which involves the Obamas, Bushes, Clintons, Rothschilds, George Soros, the late John McCain, and others. The theory originates from the toxic message board 4chan, where an anonymous user with the pseudonym “Q” has been posting clues related to the conspiracy theory since 2017.

Phoenix New Times spoke with four students who said Belmore showed them the QAnon video. All of them requested anonymity because they are still enrolled in Belmore’s class and fear retaliation…

“Afterwards, [Belmore] just kept talking about how there are a bunch of criminals and they’re going to get caught now that Trump is the president,” the student said, adding, “Belmore believes that Q is actually JFK Jr. and he just faked his death.”

And this guy teaches English, where not only is the Q Anon nonsense a steaming pile of manure, it’s also totally inappropriate for the subject he’s supposed to be teaching.

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